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Employment Opportunities


AMSA is a developing and ever-growing company that has fantastic coverage on a range of aircraft in major capital cities in Australia. We pride ourselves on growing with our clients and are constantly being contacted by new clients to provide services in both locations all round the country. As our clients base expand, we like to ensure we have the best employees possible to assist in servicing and providing our clients with the highest possible standard of service and care.

Many of our LAME's have multiple licences which allows them to enjoy their role with the company much more as each day is varied with different aircraft. LAME's are exposed to a very high level of engineering and knowledge, and coupled with professional service skills from other LAME's and Area Maintenance Managers, contribute to furthering their career in the aircraft maintenance industry.

There are opportunities for employees to develop their skills and customer relations, whilst enjoying work on a varied range of wide bodied aircraft, either in their home stations or on temporary assignments to other stations.

The fresh air in Australia gives our employees more satisfaction rather than being in a confined location working in small teams so to develop better relationships with fellow colleagues and providing professional service to their client are some of the satisfaction derived from working with us.